Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tiger Fans Boo Jarrett Lee in Win Over Tulane

LSU had finally put away an opponent; Tiger Stadium was electric, the fans satiated for being offered as sacrifice the lowly Green Wave (who was without their best athlete). Yet, on their way toward the end of the 35 - 10 victory, the uncharacteristic wave of boos started to resonate through Tiger Stadium.
Near-sighted quarterback Jarrett Lee had throw another interception. And once more it was returned for a touchdown.
Still, the fans response rankled some.
“If you booed the play, that’s one thing,” LSU coach Les Miles said. “That guy’s giving you everything he’s got. … It may not be perfect, but we’re going to put him out there and we’re going to count on him. He’s going to have to get better. I just don’t think there’s any reason to boo.”
To be fair the boos weren' necessarily directed at Lee. They were a forecast reaction letting the Tigers know that such performance won't be forgiven against No. 1-ranked Alabama. Lee has shown that he can play, but he's also shown that he's a redshirt freshman that can't easily escape the pocket. “As I dropped back I was getting hit,” Lee said. “I let it go kind of expecting where the receiver was going to be and, of course, the linebacker was dropping back and picked it off.”
Either way, Bama won't be easy.
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Anonymous said...

Les is right. We shouldn't boo Jarrett Lee. Coach Miles is to blame. LSU isn't playing JV ball, and the struggles that Lee is facing clearly are those of a kid who should practice, but not play. Les- Kudos on dumping thug Ryan P., but shame for not having a strategy to backfill him.

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