Saturday, November 29, 2008

LSU Loses Heartbreaker to Arkansas, 31-30

I could say it was a heartbreaker, but truth be told, the hearts of LSU fans have been broken weeks ago, sawn in two, actually seven pieces (the number of Jarrett Lee interceptions run back for scores). The Arkansas loss just reminds us that we should have been expectant of a letdown after a championship-winning season. If anything this game showed us that Jordan Jefferson could play quarterback on the road, in a noisy SEC environment and produce, albeit with many transgressions. The defense simply didn't keep its poise in the end, with costly personal fouls aiding Arkansas' offense on its final drive. Les Miles will have quite a decision to make next year with Jarrett Lee, Andrew Hatch and Jefferson all want to line up behind center. As for now in Tigerland, it's basketball season.

More stats on the game

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A Free Man said...

Tell me about heartbreaking - 45-42 to damn Tech?

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