Sunday, November 02, 2008

So, Who Really Is SEC's Best Team?

Let's see, here:
Alabama embarrasses Georgia 41-30 ('Scuse the final score: Tide led 31-0 at half.)
Florida crushes LSU 51-21.
LSU is humbled by Georgia, 52- 38.
Florida dehumanizes Georgia 49 - 10.
Will Alabama embarrass LSU at home?


A Free Man said...

Dehumanize is exactly the right word. I am so depressed.

Mike Tierney said...

I want to pick LSU over Alabama. I really do. Sometimes, you can just smell an upset coming. Let's see if my nostrils are deceiving me.
1. Tigers fans, notoriously intimidating under normal circumstances, will unleash flat-out hatred for Bama coach Nick Saban. )Which I don't get. The guy delivered a national title to Bayou country.) The Crimson Tide are unbeaten on the road. (Not to mention at home.)
2. LSU has the No. 1 rusher in the SEC, based on yards per carry: Charles Scott (6.7). The Crimson Tide has the next best: Glen Coffee (6.6).
3. LSU ranks third in the SEC in rushing defense. Bama's offensive line averages 308 pounds per man and creates holes that an elephant could burst through.
4. LSU has allowed 50 points in two of its games. No. 1-ranked teams are 2-2 the past four weeks.
5. Tigers premier linebacker Darry Beckwith is back from injury. The Tide's ferocious nose tackle, Terrance Cody, is expected back from injury.
For each point, there is a counter-point. I think the difference will be (a.) Bama's cool quarterback, John Parker Wilson, and LSU redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee, who has thrown five picks returned for touchdowns, and (b.) Nick Saban somehow outfoxing the estimable Les Miles with a team relying on only nine scholarship seniors.
Bama by a touchdown.

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The Love Collective said...

Mike, you underestimate the mental subplot that the game is saturated in: Parker never plays well in Baton Rouge; Saban will understandably call this game on emotion; and finally, Jarrett Lee's playbook has been stripped; no more lob passes across the middle, only slants.
LSU by 3.

Ken said...

Nice call Mike. You nailed it. Unfortunately, Lee's playbook was not stripped, and now is considered the conference's most effective tool for other teams' defensive scoring statistics. I am getting hate mail from dozens of LSU devoted, all asking for Jarrett Lee's head on a platter. I try to redirect them towards the people who are paid to put the right players in a game... but it's too easy to pick the most visible culprit. Someone ought to be talking to Les about the essentials of effective offense: most significantly- throw the ball to guys dressed the same, and put it somewhere they can catch it. Otherwise, go to the stable, and let the horses run. Sheesh.

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