Sunday, November 16, 2008

LSU comes back from 31-3 deficit vs. Troy

What a stinker, wha - wow. We'll take it.
That's what Saturday night in Tiger Stadium felt like after a 40-31 LSU win over Troy.
“That certainly was not the recipe for victory we prescribed, but victory is sweet, and I promise you our football team is enjoying it at this moment,” LSU coach Les Miles said after LSU had completed the biggest comeback in school history, coming back from a 31-3 deficit in the third quarter.
Quarterback Jarrett Lee had his seventh interception returned for a touchdown in the second quarter to make it 24-3 and send a swarm of LSU fans to the exits.
“I’ve never been part of a comeback that big. That shows you a lot about our team. We played hard and fought back. Not one time in our minds did we think we were going to lose this game.” Lee completed 11-of-14 passes in the fourth quarter for 138 yards and a touchdown.
The comeback started at halftime. “We go into halftime and we tell that defense that you have to come out and play like you finished the first half, and in fact, you’re our chance to win this game,” Miles said. “You guys play like that for the remainder of this game while we get it fixed on offense.”
Troy's coach, well on his way throughout the 3rd quarter to his biggest win at the school and the program's biggest, said momentum turned suddenly.
“We weren’t able to close the book on it and get the last nail in there,” Troy coach Larry Blakeney said. “(LSU) got some things done and some big plays in the passing game really hurt us more than anything as far as getting momentum back.

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