Saturday, November 08, 2008

Can LSU Ruin A Perfect Alabama Season?

Let's face it: This year, although not terribly awful, has not gone the way an LSU Tiger fan would have wanted.
First, our heir apparent quarterback Ryan Perrilloux is 86'd.
Then, we get smashed by Florida, allowing 51 points with time on the clock for more if they didn't show mercy at the end.
Then, to make matters worse, Georgia comes to town and runs us out of our own stadium, 52- 38.
So, it is with great pleasure that we relish the opportunity before us on Saturday: You kidding me? Alabama (9-0, 5-0 Southeastern Conference), the No. 1 team in the nation, is visiting my No. 15 LSU Tigers (6-2, 3-2)? You mean we have a chance to ruin a perfect Alabama season? Why, it would hal-way make up for what has transpired over the past 2 months if we could just pull it off. We wouldn't even have to score 50 points. I wouldn't be mad. I'd just take the W.
To top it off, it's against Satan himself (in the Bayou, it is), Nicklaus Saban, former championship coach.
Not to mention everything Saban says now just seems suspect. Note his wording on trying to basically say that the game is not about him.
"I have to be honest. I do take great pleasure in winning. I take a real enjoyable view of our team's accomplishments. But I really do remove me from that. It's about this team, the guys who work hard whom I'm fortunate to represent, and if there is a little bit of pleasure derived by their accomplishment, it's minimized when it comes to me personally, and I really mean that."
On the other side of the ball of course, is our far-sighted freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee; a defense with more structural holes in it than the Titanic; and a rabid fan base that has gotten accustomed to winning this game.
It'll be a hard-fought, and hard-hit game, but I expect the winners to be in purple and gold. LSU 24 Bama 20.

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Ken said... hurts. It really hurts.

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