Saturday, November 08, 2008

Jarrett Lee Has an Eye Affliction. Can Anyone Else See That? Bama 27 LSU 21

Instead of going to practice Monday morning LSU redshirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee needs to go to an eye doctor to get bifocals for his bad, bad case of far-sightedness. Can anyone else see it?
He CANNOT SEE in the middle of the field. Isn't there a name for it? It's when you see a dot or something if you try to look straight forward. How else to explain Lee in overtime throwing his fourth interception -- the third pick of the game by Alabama's Rashad Johnson. Lee has now been picked off in 6 games this year and the opponent has returned it for a TD. That's 42 points. None bigger than the one he gave to Johnson right before the half that turned a 14- 7 lead into a 14- 14 tie. LSU lost this game because of Lee, plain and simple. The 27 - 21 loss to a solid but not spectacular undeated Alabama team is squarely on his shoulders. Even the coaches seemed to lose confidence in him. He ... I ... can't even write anymore ... it ... hurts. Too (whimper) bad.


Anonymous said...

I can't remember the same level of disdain for any player in the 35 years since I've first bled purple and gold. This young man is certainly not of the athletic ability to lead the tigers anywhere. But he's a kid, and can't be expected to shoulder all of the responsibility for the Tigers loss. Les Miles kept him in the game (and has over and over again as the Tigers offense performs terribly) and the offensive coordinator continues to call aerial attacks that this kid simply can't measure up to. How long until Les realizes that placing Jarrett Lee in positions to be the most intercepted QB in the Division 1 isn't going to win ball games, or the fickle admiration of LSU fans?
Losing isn't so bad. Losing when the whole team plays their heart out, and we ask a single guy to do something he isn't capable of is something entirely different.

Make a Roux said...

All I can say is GAHHH! I nearly had a heart attack watching that game.

Anonymous said...

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