Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, it all came crashing down us yesterday. The ball-stripping Bears defense. The snowy conditions. The obviously biased referees. Even Sean Payton got away from us yesterday. And so it ends, 39-14 in the NFC Championship Game victory Sunday at Soldier Field.
A remarkable journey it was. It all came down to two schoolyard bullies, one in blue the other in black, whacking the mess out of each other. New Orleans was smacked first, then smacked again. Then the Saints wallowed the Bears across the head and you saw the knees wobble. Then this:
New Orleans running back Reggie Bush breaks off a scintillating 88-yard reception, zigging and zagging and finally pointing in joyful scorn to Chicago lineback Brian Urlacher.
Oh, and then somersaulting into the end zone.
“When I saw it, I thought what an idiot, just a young idiot,” Bears center Olin Kreutz said. “He hasn’t done enough in this league to do anything close to that, pointing at a guy like Brian Urlacher. That’s just ridiculous.”
Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye had words with Bush before leaving the field.
“I told Reggie that was unprofessional of him to do that,” Ogunleye said. “To point back and taunt was to have no class. He just pointed to the ref like, ‘Get the guy out of my face,’ but I swear I was a second away from punching him.”
Bush’s play cut the Bears’ lead to 16-14, but it was one of the last highlights for the Saints.
“I just got caught up in the emotion of the game,” said Bush, the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft. “Obviously, I was wrong for doing that. I was just happy to make a big play for my team at a crucial moment.”

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