Friday, January 19, 2007

All this talk is ... overbearing

Chicago is talking big noise as Sunday's knock-down drag-out fight to go to the SuperBowl approaches.
"We definitely want this Cinderella story to end," coach Lovie Smith said, of the Saints.

"It has been like, all year," tight end John Gilmore said. "Even when we were ranked No. 1, the national media was always saying something like, 'Who's No. 1 this week, the New Orleans Saints or the Dallas Cowboys?'

The Bears' top two wide receivers, Bernard Berrian, of the Bears' wide receivers, says: "You feel disrespected a little bit."
Quarterback Rex Grossman, visibly irritated with questions implying that the Bears can't move the ball, says: "I'm looking to score more points than they do. I'm not looking to hold the ball. That just seems to make sense to me. We're going to try to do every single play the way we're coached and not 'hold the ball.' ... We look at it as we're a pretty good offense ourselves so we're going out there ready to attack."

"You can only give one of them the ball," defensive tackle Tank Johnson reasons when told of the Saints offensive weapons.

"Who cares?" center Olin Kreutz demanded. "We'll find out on Sunday."

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