Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What Would Jimmy Have Done?
Saturday night, the Philadelphia Eagles were at their 39-yard-line with 1:56 left in the game. Fourth and 15 yards to go.
The post-game went like so:
'You're going to punt the football?'' Jimmy Johnson wondered afterward on Fox's postgame show. ''You're banking on stopping 'em. Well, why not stop 'em on the 39, because if you stop 'em, they have to punt.''

Michael Irvin: ''I was a bit surprised that with 1:40 left, your boy Andy Reid would try to punt that ball and not go for that fourth-and-15.''

Jaworski: ''You had access to the result, so it's easy to say. All season long in the NFL, there's only been one fourth-and-15 converted. Andy said, 'Hey, it's a low-percentage play either way. Either try for it or put it in the hands of your defense.' He chose to put it in the hands of his defense.''
Irvin: ''But Andy also knew that Deuce [McAllister] had been gutting him. Andy also knew that if I give the ball back to [Saints coach] Sean Payton, he'll give it back to Deuce and Deuce will continue to gut me.''

Jaworski: ''That part I'll agree with. They were running the football, but it's still low-percentage either way. ... One all season long.''

Irvin: ''Stat man. Stat man. Stat man. Who had the most big plays of the season?

Jaworski: ''The Philadelphia Eagles.''

Irvin: ''Well, come up with one of those big plays. Right now is the time.''

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