Monday, January 08, 2007

Dallas done in by its holder: Romo

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Antonio Ramiro Romo dropped the ball.
No, he literally dropped the ball.
You talk about choke. And this dude replaced the very accomplished Drew Bledsoe?
Romo is garbage and now the world has seen. Dude can't even hold the football on a kick! ON A KICK! He was rattled all game by the inferior Seahawks secondary , which included at least one loan officer as of last month, and made a Seattle defender with the last name Babineaux (Louisiana heritage — YEP — dude's bio says he's of "Creole descent") a household hame. Truth be told, Babineaux, who also was the culprit in October when Seattle nipped Dallas with a last-second pick against Bledsoe, wasn't even supposed to be part of the play.
Seattle was stacking its defense on its right side, opposite Babineaux, in a desparate attempt to block the gimme-field goal. Then, Romo sold it out.
"I just had to keep going!" Babineaux said of his run. "I grabbed him by the ankles. It was real huge."

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