Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Well, New Orleans Saints' 2006 edition was the best ride the team has ever had. The accomplished alot, and now have a coach and big-time talent at the skill positions. The prototype of this is the mid-1990s Dallas Cowboys who had perennial Pro Bowl quarterback Troy Aikman, tall and nasty playmaker Michael Irvin and workhorse G.O.A.T. Emmitt Smith. The Saints have baller Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Marques Colston to build around for a few years. But let's break the squad down further:

QUARTERBACK: Drew Brees led the league in passing last year, and let's face it, he pulled back after the Dallas game. He coasted through the remaining 4 games of the season and he still was the brightest star under center. If he can remain healthy he will continue to make the offense hum.
RUNNING BACK: Saints are the envy of the league with durable punisher Duece McAllister and uber-zigger Reggie Bush. The second half of the season Bush came into his own, but they'll still need to even out the carries to Duece so that defenses can stay honest.
RECEIVERS: The emergence of Marques Colston made former Saint Donte' Stallworth expendable, but what about ole' Joe Horn? The coaching staff obviously lost faith in him last year after he refused to play hurt and make a go at it after the game in Atlanta. He won't be back next year, and the Saints probably will put Devery Henderson in his place. That's nice. But it takes away the homerun ball in the slot. And will Michael Lewis ever emerge as a constant third receiver? Not unless he does it next year. After that, look for the rest of the balls to go to Bush.
DEFENSIVE LINE: Charles Grant will be tagged the franchise player and the Saints need him to stick around if they are to continue to be fiesty and competitive against other team's offensive lines. Will Smith should be back and should continue a strong tenure.
DEFENSIVE BACKS: Mike McKenzie is just okay, but now the Saints need to spend big money on getting somebody young, fast and aggressive. Fred Thomas must be led to the bench after his Chicago performance.
OFFENSIVE LINE: Saints need a little more help here; they totally look like world blockers against Philadelphia but can't stop a bullrush in Chicago. MORE CONSISTENCY.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Saint should do well with Michael Lewis returning kicks and Reggie Bush returning punts. But in 2007 MORE TOUCHDOWNS are needed from these two.

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