Friday, January 05, 2007

Get behind me Sata, um, Saban!

"I'm not going to be the Alabama coach."
Yes, it's true. Football coach "Slick" Nick Lou Saban has gone back on his word.
Is he a liar? Not anymore than the rest of us. Is he a politician? No, he's a football coach. Coaches, like players, come a dime a dozen. People are pooh-poohing on him now that he's gone and taken the top football job at the University of Alabama. They say he weaseled his way out of the bayou and he has done it again to the Miami Dolphins.
Maybe so. Now, along with Louisiana, he's got all of Miami mad at him. And he deserves it. He took LSU to a championship in 2003, and recruited a lot more kids who wanted to ride with a champion. Alot of kids on the 2006 squad were recruited by Saban and came here on the premise that they would play for him. That's true, but you know what? Les Miles went 11-2 TWICE because of Nick Saban. That's right. No way a dude like Les Miles can do what he did without the wood frame, the foundation, the whole house already built for him by you know who. You saw LSU run roughshod over Notre Dame? Saban's kids did that.
They handed the tail to a very good Arkansas team this year; Saban's kids did it.
To be fair, Saban would have beat that depleted, starry-eyed Auburn team this year.
Saban also would have snuck out of Gainesville with a win this year too, Tebow or no.
As this reporter mentions here, Saban would not have handled Katrina as well as Miles. No, Saban would have got ghost right before Rita was coming.
But the truth is, Saban changed his mind. $32 million dollars has that effect on people. If I told my wife I was picking her up for work; for $32 million, I would stand her up and maybe throw tomatoes from an overpass. My mind would change quick, but I'd play it off as if it was a long, drawn-out decision. And you know what?
Saban will change his mind about Alabama. Alabama is one of the poorest states in the nation, and they got 32 notes to hand a ballcoach? Well, hope they don't expect loyalty. Oh, there will be another job that will come along for Saban; or another cause to rescue, and he'll jump there. That's just what this cat does. He's a jumper. But, alas, the bayou got something for him though. Yeah, he'll hafta come see us later this year. Actually LSU will come to see him in Tuscaloosa. The purple-and-gold will line up against the red-and-white and it'll be on as fast as you can say: RIP TIDE.

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