Friday, December 29, 2006

NY, NY ... city of dreams?

Have they been asleep at the wheel?
How else to explain the debacle which is the N.Y. Giants season?
I like the Giants, always have; their blue jerseys go well with my physique, but these aint no stinking Giants. These is ... Midgets.
Eli Manning is asleep.
"Plexiglas" is asleep.
Mike Strahan is sleep.
And Tom Coughlin?
Tom Coughlin has refused to even consider benching Eli Manning, but he's the real reason for N.Y.'s woes. And just think of all the other teams that want the G-men to lose. Quite a few. Well, the New York Giants face Desparation, Despair, and D.C. Sunday as they go to face the Redskins for their playoff lives. The Giants can make history Sunday, but not a good history. They could end up the worst team in NFL history to make the playoffs . Anyway, I pick ... G.

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