Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's wrong with Aaron Brooks?

Aaron Brooks, bro, what happened?
The love all started in New Orleans in 2000 when the injured Jeff Blake in Week 11 vs. Oakland, 11/19/00). The dude had a rifle arm and young legs. But his inconsistency over the years turned all Saints lovers sour on him. Did he get his just due in N.O.? Was he made a scapegoat of the Jim Haslett era?
First, let's start with the good:
Brooks in New Orleans was one of the NFL's leaders in game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime with 16 (behind only Tom Brady), including five in 2004.
He had 441 passing yards against Denver (12/3/00). That's the highest single-game total in franchise history.
Brooks rushed for over 100 yards in a contest (108 vs. San Francisco, 12/10/00). He's the only Saints quarterback to do that.
Brooks is only QB to win a playoff game for the Saints.Ever.He'll always be remembered for that.
The other team members did'nt help his cause over the years. One particularly painful low was when Brooks and the Saints lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2003. On the last play, the Saints did 5 laterals for the touchdown, a miracle play dubbed "The River City Relay." Kicker John Carney then missed extra point. Game over.

The infamous backwards pass to an offensive lineman in 2004.
The numerous times cameras caught him smiling after an interception. JOhn Elway, Brett Favre, none of the great quarterbacks, smile after throwing an interception. Brooks did. Often.
Now, he can smile in Oakland as the fans boo. Well, I aint mad atcha, Brooks. It's just sad it had to end this way.

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