Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Night Football: Introducing da 'TriggaMan'

Tonight is the night. The SuperDome will be ON FIYAH, ya understand me? ON FIYAH!! Reggie Bush will make a believer out of America tonight. Watch my words! He will score at least twice and leave the Falcons dumbfounded. Tonight, I just might pull out the old "Triggaman" for this one. For all you non-Louisianans, Triggaman is the musical soundtrack to the streets down in the dirty. I wonder if Reggie Bush be bumpin' Triggaman? He prolly don't know what that is yet; he's a SoCal dude yaknow. Anyway, this game will put New Orleans back in the hearts and minds of the people and get it the help it needs. Kick off is 8:30 EDT. GO SAINTS!!!!

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