Sunday, September 24, 2006


Thanks to my boi Ras for the pic. Well, tomorrow, the NFL returns to the New Orleans Superdome in a big way. Reports say the NFL has spent more than $20 million in marketing for the SuperDome's return to center stage. The city is abuzz with Saintsmania and everybody's geeked. All that's missing is a Saints victory. But the Atlanta Falcons are a formidable foe. They've rushed for almost 600 yards in two games. Micheal Vick and Warrick Dunn (from Baton Rouge) are the league's most dangerous running duo. So, can the Saints stop them?
No. The Saints can't stop the Falcons running the ball. I'm sorry. It worked against the Tampa Bay Bucs; it worked against the Carolina Panthers; it'll work against the Saints.
But, the Bucs and Carolina scored a combined 3 points against the Panthers. I don't think the Saints will be held to 3 points, not even in the first half. Saints will actually be leading at the half by one touchdown. MARK MY WORDS!!!

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This the bomb, dude.

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