Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Gnarls Barkley: "I think you're craaaazaay ... I think you're craaaaazAAAY ... I think you're craaaazaay.... probablyyyyy."

Say it aint so, T.O. Reports this morning are that the volatile Dallas Cowboys wide reciever tried to off himself yesterday after practice. T.O. had been taking pain medication for his injured hand. He appeared in good spirits at the Cowboys practice facility yesterday and the media reported that he was his regular self. The official police report says T.O. was admitted to the hospital late Tuesday and that doctors treated him for drug overdose. The police report states that he was "depressed." It also says that dude emptied the pain pills into his mouth, apparently trying to commit suicide.
Let's see, T.O.'s new contract with the Cowboys is like such:
$25 million for 3 years
That's roughly $8.3 million a season
That's roughly $500,000 a game per season
That's roughly $8,000 an hour (a game is 60 minutes)
In an actual game, roughly 35 minutes is actually spent playing football (the rest is clock wasting before and after each play)
T.O. is probably on the field roughly 30 minutes a game; that's $1600 per minute.
Now, I'm depressed!
Seriously, (no, I am depressed now, for real). T.O. is second on the team in receptions with 9 for 99 yards while Terry Glenn has 10 receptions for 175 yards. Each have a touchdown.

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Shemika said...

CJ, It might be time for T.O. to G.O.

To quote Bigmama, "That just don't make right good sense."

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