Sunday, October 03, 2010

LUCKY STRIPES: How LSU beat Tennessee, 16- 14 (video)

A two-headed quarterback: Say what you want about Jarrett Lee, and this blog has said plenty, but he can  actually move the ball. A sweet 47-yard bomb in the fourth quarter got LSU near the goal line with a chance to take the lead before the last-second theatrics. Jordan Jefferson's mobility, really his 89-yard juant on the first play from scrimmage, had to make the Vols at least think twice about him every time he snapped the ball. The only thing is, LSU, as well, had to think twice about it everytime he had the ball.

LSU's front four: Drake Nevis and the boys up front absolutely carried the Bayou Bengals Saturday evening. If not for a goal line stand, a turnover on downs and numerous blitzes on third down, Tennessee quarterback Matt Simms carves the secondary up like a turkey. LSU's line held its own going largely without starting defensive end Sam Montgomery who suffered a chop block early in the 1st quarter. Also, starting end Ken Adams was out. So, given that LSU's D-line was at 50%, they did excellent.

Referees: Let's be honest. Jordan Jefferson and a befuddled coaching staff all had to stare in horror as the final seconds clicked off the clock on Saturday. The game was over, and Tennessee players joyously celebrated. But a referee -- one referee-- the one that was supposed to make sure each team had only 11 men on the field, courageously, miraculously said the unsayable "Hold up. This game aint over." As a result, I'd like to buy the man a drink, if somebody could get me his name. Matter fact, I've got him -- and his immediate family -- at Chimes next time he's down that way, if he wants. LSU lucked out. Plain and simple.


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