Saturday, October 09, 2010

LSU vs. Florida: A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

Having resigned itself to a two-quarterback system from here on out, the 5-0 LSU Tigers are hoping one of them -- near-sighted Jarrett Lee or the numb-armed Jordan Jefferson -- can emerge with a hot game to win in Gainesville.

LSU with nary a loss and five wins over BSC opponents (which no other team in the country can say) can expect to crack the top 10 with a win.
If Florida comes out victorious, look for the Gators to lick their chops at another chance to take down Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and a shot at a national title.
LSU coach Les Miles has been lampooned for the whole seven days since his team squeezed by an undermanned and ultimately unprepared Tennessee team. But Miles, bumbler as he is, is not a wobbler.
Gators coach Urban Meyer, after losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game last year, quit then changed his mind
And you wonder why the teams play so wishy-washy?
Lord knows what he'll do at season's end.
At any point, someone has to win this game. And a quarterback has to find his way.
LSU 21-FLA 20

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