Saturday, October 16, 2010

LSU Tigers set for McNeese

The LSU Tigers, No. 9 in the polls, are licking their chops at their first true cupcake of the season: McNeese State.

The Tigers have won every game this season in a different fashion: A last-second defensive stand, winning drives, clock mismanagement, you name it.
But they have won.
It has not been pretty, but LSU -- in the five years that coach Les Miles has been there -- has not been terribly efficient with the football.
JaMarcus Russell routinely left 10 to 21 points out on the field, and they still only lost two games in his final two years.
But things have changed. A little.
LSU is in prime position to make a serious championship run, if they can get by the AAA powers: Auburn, Alabama and finally, Arkansas.
Now, with Auburn on the horizon, the Tigers can sharpen up some things against McNeese (and even expand their offensive package) and get ready to go up to Alabama.

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