Tuesday, October 19, 2010

IT'S AUBURN WEEK: Can the Bayou Bengals Corral Cam Newton?

For Bayou Bengals fans, no other LSU game incites the raw emotion that Auburn week does.
I mean, it's tiger vs. tiger for goodness sakes. Auburn is one of those rivalries where you really do hope the other team does well when they don't play each other. LSU fans never want to play a weak or sad Auburn team, and I'm sure real Auburn fans feel the same way about LSU.
This year both come into the contest undefeated with Auburn coming off a 63-point outburst. Luckily their defense can give up as many.
Auburn's coach sees it another way.
"Defensively, I keep using the word resilient," Tigers coach Gene Chizik said in a recent interview. "Here's what I like about our defense: They keep fighting. They're into the game.
When these two squads are at their best and loaded with talent, there is nary a college football game in the land that can boast two fine war machines so often in the middle of the season.
The memorable finishes have been plenty, and this year promises to be just as good.
Of late LSU, or should I say Les Miles, has owned Auburn winning 4 out of 5 matchups. The one he lost? A 7-3 debacle ruined by bad officiating, but I digress.
For the record, Cam Newton looks even scarier than Tim Tebow did three years ago. Of course, we won that one.

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