Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's Wrong With Georgia?

The Georgia Bulldogs have mailed in three weeks of uninspired football -- all losses -- and it just doesn't look like the same UGA.
 What's up with the Dawgs? They've lost again, this time 24-12 to Mississippi State.
Mississippi State's Chris Relf, who ran for 97 yards and passed for double that, looked like Michael Vick out there as the Bulldogs were held to two field goals until the final minutes.
The absence of A.J. Green cannot be underestimated, but no one expected this. UGA coach Mark Richt has always done a fine job of not making the game about one player.
College kids go down all the time (i.e. Ryan Perriloux). The coaches are supposed to make the players forget about them and go on to the next guy on the bench, the next recruit.
In this regard, I'm surprised at Richt. He usually has a sound core with a few talented guys sprinkled in, but this quarterback Aaron Murray is making Joe Cox look like Joe Montana.
In all honesty, it's not all Murray's fault. There seems to be no senior leadership on this team --- and Bulldogs fans are getting restless.
Here's a snapshot taken from ESPN:

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