Saturday, September 25, 2010

LSU beats West Virginia, 20 -14

LSU just outlasted a determined, speedy, formidable West Virginia team bent on an upset. The Tigers scored on the first play of the 4th quarter for a six-point lead, and made it stand throughout the remaining hellacious 13 minutes and some change.
LOOK! I even live-blogged it!
Up by six with the ever-dangerous but injured Noel Divine on the other side of the ball, the LSU defense rode it's swagger wagon, Patrick Peterson, to victory.
Peterson took back a punt 60 yards in the third quarter in a dazzling display that took the wind out of the Mountaineers, temporarily.
West Virginia stormed back from 17 points down to make it a three point game before LSU's workman-like rushing attack went into overdrive.
And Jordan Jefferson? No progress week to week, just the same DIH (Deer In Headlights) look he always has. Jarrett Lee, for the second game in a row, came in to finish the game after JJ simply flamed out mid-game. Again.
But Peterson? I think it's time we talked Heisman.

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