Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Return of Michael Vick

It took almost two years in prison. It took almost three years away from the game he grew up playing, but now Michael Vick is the NFL's poster child again.
What has he done to earn such distinction? He's recorded back-to-back wins for the Philadelphia Eagles in dramatic fashion, the first one a 35-32 barnstormer against the Detroit Lions. In the second game, named the starter earlier in the week, Vick completed 17 of 31 passes for 291 yards in a 28-3 rout of the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Where was this guy when he was in the NFC South facing the Saints?
Actually Vick played pretty good against New Orleans, nearly splitting the win total. Of course, that was when his cousin, Aaron Brooks took snaps behind center as a Saint.
But will Vick continue to play well? Will the NFL actually feature him in commercials and marketing campaigns as it did for six years before Dog Gate?
Time will tell. In the meantime, I'm glad the Saints don't have to face him this year. At least not in the regular season.

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