Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can LSU's offense beat Tennessee?

The day of reckoning if upon the Tigers, a bonafide, sturdy, rambunctious SEC home game is ahead for Les Miles' boys. The formidable Tennessee Volunteers, themselves searching for an identity, are licking their chops as they visit the Bayou Bengals this Saturday.
Well, the 3-1 Vols aren't exactly licking their chops.
Last week, the Volunteers gave up 429 yards to a UAB quarterback and receivers that flew around like meteors. Tennessee still won, but barely.
LSU will not pass for 400-some yards. 
LSU will not pass for 300 yards.
LSU is averaging 110 yards, dead last in the SEC.
"Offensively nobody is satisfied in our building," said Miles said recently.
As the fans' discontentment grows to the point of being disillusioned, Miles continues to put a happy face on the offense, I mean, they're 4-0, right?
"Our running backs are coming to life and our line understands the commitment to running the ball," Miles said. "If that characteristic maintains itself over time, we will be a very good offense."
But that "will be" may take a while.
Tennessee, for its part, can't keep its quarterback upright. Matt Simms was downed something like six times against UAB. He's been sacked 14 times in three games and as a result he's said he's kind of "mastered" it. Wow.
But Tiger Stadium is a terribly difficult place to play -- for both teams, it seems.
And Jordan Jefferson has not shown the gumption to play gutsy, confident football yet.
So, the Drave Nevis, the defensive line, and Patrick "Heisman" Peterson will need to score six or so.
Let's hope so, because LSU's offense won't put much points on the board.

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