Sunday, September 26, 2010

Falcons beat Saints in OT, 27-24 ... BARELY

Well, Garrett Hartley finally missed one that cost us the game, like Saints kickers in the past, most recently Olinda Mare.
With a first and goal at about the Falcons 12 yard line, the Saints try a field goal with about 9 seconds left in regulation. I thought it was enough time to try one pass to Marquez Colston, but evidently Sean Payton thought otherwise.
I told you the 4 things the Saints needed to do to win the game. The Saints did only one of them today, and that was try, with success, the long ball.
The Falcons, led by a strong running game powered by Michael Turner and Jason Snelling, were able to methodically move down the field in OT and kick the game winner.


Anonymous said...

This game made me sick!

Anonymous said...

Good game, fun to watch! 2 heavyweights going at it. Pretty sure when Saints come here it'll be more of the same.

The Love Collective said...

They both are equals. It came down to who had the ball last.

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