Monday, September 21, 2009

Gators won, but Vols didn't back down

Let's be honest, Tennessee brought that wood.
Florida was still the superior team, and quarterback Tim Tebow still had control ... but not by much.
Tebow, for the first time this season, was running for his life.
Due to his athleticism, he can make that look pretty easy, but it wasn't. The Gators 23-13 victory Saturday over the Tennessee Volunteers was a moral victory for UT in their long journey back to SEC elistism.
For Florida, the mystique may be broken.
With the hard running of tailback Montario Hardesty (96 yards on 20 carries) the Vols almost had a 100-yard rusher for the afternoon.
Tim Tebow's streak of at least one touchdown pass in 30 straight games came to a resounding stop.
First-year Vols coach Lane Kiffin, who can talk smack with the best of them, was impressed him Superman. “I probably said it three times on the headsets, ‘Is the guy ever gonna wear out?’"
Note to Kiffin: Um, no, Lane. He's not unlike a Terminator, he's not going to stop.
"It’s unbelievable. Not only physically, when you hit him, but some of those (short, crucial) gains, he runs 50 yards to get them. He doesn’t wear out."
But alas the Volunteer defense -- which played admirably -- finally began to.
Tennessee held Florida to 323, which was good considering the Gators ran up 663 yards
on Troy and 624 in the season opener against Charleston Southern.
When the Gators smashed the Vols in the mouth, the Vols smacked back.
Symbolic of the teams' play was when Tebow and UT All-American safety Eric Berry closed in on each other in the first half - POW!
“I just bit down on my mouthpiece and tried to give it everything I had,” Berry said of the train-like collision. “All the power cleans and the squats from the summer, I had to use everything I had. At first I was like ‘dang, he done got me y’all.’ But I looked up at the JumboTron and we kind of hit each other and fell to the side ...You can call it what you want, but it was a good collision.”
Tennessee will win the rest of their games, it seems, if they can get pass Georgia.

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