Friday, September 11, 2009

Vandy Coach Overly-Praises LSU (Is it a Set-up?)

Vanderbilt Coach Bobby Johnson is awash in superlatives after watching LSU's games against the Washington Huskies in .last week's opener
His team, which thrashed Western Kentucky 45-0 will no doubt be ready for Saturday night's clash in Baton Rouge.
But boy can he make a team feel good about themselves.
“I was really impressed with Jordan Jefferson,” he told the Monroe (La.) News Star. “I think he is just going to be really tough to defend all year long. People have got to be ready for him to pull it down. They’ve got to be ready for him to run the option. He is extremely fast, and he’s got a great arm.”

JOhnson said while Washington's quarterback gave LSU fits, he was upstaged by the Tigers' super sophomore.

“Iin the long run, the most explosive quarterback in that game last week was Jordan Jefferson, not Locker,” he said. “And you look at the LSU offensive line, it’s huge. The defensive line is big. Everybody’s fast on defense. You just see a really complete team when you watch film. ... I thought LSU played really well.”
But they'll need to play better to beat Vandy.
The Commodores have an offensive trifecta with freshmen tailbacks Zac Stacy and Warren Norman, and second-year quarterback Larry Smith.
And their defense returns 19 starters.
So, what will it be?
LSU 24 VANDY 22.

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