Monday, September 14, 2009

LSU beats Vandy, but (Yawn) What's Up?

LSU beat the Vanderbilt Commodores 23 - 9 Saturday night in Tiger Stadium amid a rainy, slushy field.
The offense, which looked poised to break out last week against Washington, barely could contain itself with energy on Saturday. Well, kinda.
In any event, the defense needed this one much more than the offense, and they pulled it off. LSU's defenders kept Vandy's dangerous but young runners Zac Stacy and Larry Smith contained for most of the game, save for one gutsy Commodores drive in the 2nd quarter.
LSU's Kieland Williams scored twice to allow the Tigers to escape with the win, but for the second week in a row, it was not overly impressive. Not with Florida putting up 56 points on Troy (Tebow had 5 TDs).
Will the LSU offense snap out of it this week as UL-Lafayette comes to town?
We hope so, because Georgia looks kinda dangerous.

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