Friday, September 26, 2008

Croom Feeling the Heat at Mississippi State

As Mississippi State prepares for No. 5 LSU, coach Sylvester Croom says one word has described the Bulldogs season so far: Frustration.
"Our players are frustrated, our coaches are, I am frustrated, and I think our fans are — matter of fact I have no doubt that our fans are frustrated and I understand that," Croom said.
MSU is putting forth the effort, playing Auburn to a 3-2 joust two weeks ago before stepping out of the SEC last week against Georgia Tech. "We all expected to be in a better situation than we are in right now. The only thing that I can say is that we had some awfully good things happen to us last year. We got some breaks last year. We are having some things go against us right now.
Still he is not about to throw in the towel with LSU on the horizon.
"Maybe this is what we need. I think the guys have got pride and I think they'll respond to the challenge."

P.S. LSU leads the SEC in both offense and defense.

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