Saturday, September 27, 2008

LSU wins but Pass Defense is a Joke

Sure, they beat a self-wound-inflicting Mississippi State team 34-24, but can they beat Florida or Georgia? I don't know, I tell ya. A steady dose of Charles Scott (27 carries, 141 yards, 2 TDs) kept the Bulldogs from sneaking away with the victory, but the pass defense? SUS. PECT.
Tyson Lee, junior quarterback for MSU, looked befuddled some of the time and like a giant-killer the other part of the time, throwing quick outs and slants to the halfback all day. His 175 passing was a rather good day for him, despite having the scrappy Christian Ducre drop a running sure-to-be touchdown (yet another break LSU got).
A sluggish performance can be expected this week with all the turmoil in the top 10, but LSU will no doubt be No. 2 when the polls open up Sunday evening at 6 PM. They'll have to start playing like it.
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