Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New Orleans a Ghost Town, Again

While New Orleans largely survived Gustav, a new threat is taking shape in the city: Call it Twisted Eminent Domain. Now that the city has emptied itself onto its Southern neighbors, city, state and federal officials are making sure they stay out. Mothers, fathers, children ready to come back home and end this chaotic odyssey are being told they can't come home.
Come again?
Nola residents being held out of their own homes? Sure, there's no power, the officials say. Getting electricity back on in the city (and most of the Southern end of the whole state) will take the better end of a week, but people are losing patience and money as they are being forced to live on the highways and byways.
Army-for-hire Blackwater even went so far as to post their application online for anyone who already had "arrest powers," to go down to New Orleans. REPEAT: NEW ORLEANS IS FULL OF BLACKWATER MERCENARIES RIGHT NOW.

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