Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why Hawaii vs. UGA May Mean More To College Football Than LSU-OSU

Why? Because the mighty SEC champion LSU knows it can beat the Big Ten's national championship representative for the second year in a row, The Ohio State Buckeyes. But deep down we all know the age-old philosophical debate, who's conference is better, won't die down after the national championship game, no, it'll just reload. But the Hawaii vs. UGA game will truly be seen as a more satisfying answer to the hottest part of the question above: Can an undefeated team that didn't play anybody whip a battle-tested SEC team in a bowl game?
Colt Brennan and the Hawaii receivers will surely test the Bulldog secondary, but what has worked so well for the SEC against non-conference teams for years, speed, will be the deciding factor. If Hawaii wins this game (and they go undefeated???) the flood gates will open up, rightly so, and the issue of strength-of-schedule will be effectively thrown out the window. Think of the App States of the world that will thoroughly reject playing the Michigans of the world because frankly they'll be able to "get there" just by winning against lesser competition. Think also about the Michigans of the world that flatly won't schedule the non-conference toughies because they could prance to the title game without them on the schedule, frankly. So, see, in a philosophical way, this Georgia vs. Hawaii game speaks to the core of the college football debate. And it will be interesting if the Bulldogs will embarass, squeak by, barely lose, or get blown out by Hawaii. In the meantime, Go Bulldogs!

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