Monday, December 03, 2007

BCS Didn't Stick To Southerner's Creed

The Bowl Championship Series is wrong to let LSU leap over Georgia, especially if you're a Southerner.
Why is it wrong?
Because the decision-making process of the BCS lacks one of the basic ingredients of any system based on Southern sensitivity: common courtesy.
Georgia was in line ahead of LSU. They were IN LINE ahead of LSU! UGA should get the title game.
I love him, but Les Miles is not a Southerner (Elyria, Ohio), so it's natural for him to want to jump UGA, but true Southerners don't like this system.
The computer polls no doubt did their computing. The former coaches and media did their calcuations, but the coaches poll? They acted. like. robots.
Inhuman, basically.
You don't skip people.
That's just Common Courtesy 101. In this country, we're very rewarding to the hard-working, waiting-their-turn guy who played his hand the best he could. He doesn't look for favors, doesn't look for handouts. He just waits his turn. The Georgia Bulldogs waited their turn, and they rose ever so slowly in the rankings.
Now,LSU's leaping of Virginia Tech? I can understand that. They had the benefit of a head-to-head contest. But, the Georgia leap is just wrong. And I'm an LSU fan. I'm happy we made it, but it just seems that college football should have rewarded Georgia with something a little better than a game against Hawaii.
"It should come down to who the voters believe are the two best teams in the nation right now," UGA coach Mark Richt said.
"Let's face it, going into today we were ranked No. 4 in the BCS. They ranked us there for a reason. They believed we belonged there. Two teams lost ahead of us. Everybody knew going in we were not going to play for a conference championship and still they voted us there. They voted us there for a reason and I don't know why that should change right now."
Georgia coach Mark Richt was right. Nowhere in the BCS rules does it say a team must win its conference championship as some prerequisite to play in the national title game. But that rule might as well be there.
As for old Lester, not only did he say before the game that he'd re-up with the Tigers, but the next day he paid tribute to those that gave me another try at erasing the Nick Saban-tasting flavor on the SEC trophy in his arms.
"I'd like to thank the voters," Miles said on Fox's BCS selection show.
The resulting BCS chaos all but assures Georgia fans have circled in big red ink the pending matchup between their Dawgs and the Tigers next year in Baton Rouge.
If LSU was in need of a rival, Georgia has stood up, this time, with a fierce team.
But alas, that's next year. This year, even Big Ten winner Ohio State was on LSU's side to make it to the big game.
"To win the SEC, to win the Big Ten, ACC or Big 12 or Pac-10, that's a major feat in itself," Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel said. "To me, that ought to be considered as you think about who plays for the title.
Ohio State (top) and LSU are ranked 1-2 in the latest AP poll.
Miles said: "To me, being from a major conference in this country, those are the teams that should be most considered for the national title game."
I know, I know, Les, but those are Northerner's rules, Southerners don't think like that.

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Mike said...

This is a joke, right? The courteous thing would have been for the GA coach to congratulate LSU and say how happy he was to represent GA & the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. You stand in line at the theater; you compete in sports. Before the SEC champ game, the teams were tied with the same record with LSU's year-long resume still better than GA's but behind in the polls due to the loss the week before. LSU then picked up an additional win to make their record BETTER than GA's along with the SEC Championship and the previously won better resume. The polls reflect what went on Saturday while GA sat at home. Sorry, GA. When faced with the lesser seeding, GA was the team actually trying to "cut in line"

If your child had the best grades in school and the second place kid's parents are pushing the school to make their kid valevictorian, what would you say?

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