Saturday, December 29, 2007

Buckeyes' Wells Talks Smack About LSU Defense

"I think if you really look at the film, teams could run on LSU," said Ohio State running back Chris "Beanie" Wells said. "So I really wouldn't say that's (one) of their strengths."
Teams could run on LSU.
That's what he said. By that, I think he means Arkansas' Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. And to be sure, LSU allowed more yards on the ground in its last three games (680) than it had through the first 10 (660).
After 10 games, the Tigers' defense was allowing 66 rushing yards per game. Only two teams had rushed for more than 100 yards, while four other opponents were limited to 20 rushing yards or less.
But Wells is basically saying he'll get a buck and change against a rested, returned-to-form LSU defense.
Now, that's guts.
Nevertheless, Wells is fed up of hearing about how the Buckeyes can't keep up with LSU.
"I'm tired of people talking about how Ohio State has no speed," he said. "Of course I feel like we don't get the respect that we deserve. We're the underdogs in this game. But it's just something we have to take in stride."

Wells was named the team MVP after leading the Big Ten in carries with 254 and ranking third in yards with 1,463.
But while he had a superb game against Michigan (see stat box) he'll likely have a game similar to what he did against Illinois. Seriously. That's no diss, that's just what will likely happen. But i'll give it to Wells, he played the entire season with a broken bone in his left hand and an ankle injury since spring.
So, he's tough, but he's no McFadden, so don't look for those type numbers against Dorsey and Co.

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