Friday, December 14, 2007

N.O. Rapper Uses Housing Rally As Mixtape Release Party

Some things, even the most creative writers, just can't make up.
Protesters blocked the entrance to the federal courthouse building in downtown New Orleans on Thursday, chanting criticism of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's plans to demolish 4,000 public housing apartments.
While all this is going on, one individual named "Sess 4-5" steps in front of the crowd and busts into a free-style rap as elementary as "Mary Had A Little Lamb."
What's surreal about the whole thing is that TV news cameras and media quite focusing on the protesters, who are steady chanting: "HUD says cut back, we say fight back!" while mobbing the glass entrance to the building, with several people tapping on the glass windows as if they were drums.
No, instead the media seems mesmorized by Sess 4-5, a small rapper with a golden grill and a bullhorn.
This nugget of informative news taken from the Times-Picayune:
During the rally, rap artist "Sess 4-5" took command of the bullhorn, while a film crew taped his performance. The artist, who grew up in the Desire housing development, said he will play his mix tape of the protest and host a hip-hop performance under the I-10 overpass at 2 p.m.
Dag. That's all. Just dag. And for all you Sess 4-5 fans, buy the album why don't cha.

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