Thursday, December 21, 2006


New York Giants receiver Plaxico"Plexiglas" Burress is BFN.
You know, the kind of dude that should be dominating defenders and towering over them in jump balls.
Burress is weak. He's soft. He's BFN.
You know, BFN. Big For Nothing.
Dude is 6-foot 5 and is coming off a 1214 yard season last year. He should be on pace to get 1,500 this year, but nooooo. He only has 907 with 2 games to go. That means he'll probably regress this year, and that's not good for somebody that talks as much as he does. He caught 7 touchdowns last year; he's got 9 this year, but he's just not seen as a dominant receiver. I mean, Steve "MightyMouse" Smith has a grand and some change on a Carolina team that's won just 6 games this year — and Smith is 4-foot three! But this dude "Plexiglas" got a "757" tattoo on his biceps, which he said represent his Norfolk area code.
The Saints didn't have a problem with Terrell Owens and they shouldn't have a problem with "Plexiglas". He's been known to talk noise, too.
"I don't see that happening," Burress said earlier this year when asked if the Eagles could shut him down. "They would be crazy to think they could do it. I am just going to go out and do what I have been doing, go out and make some plays."
Well, the G-men got the might Saints coming to town now. Let's see whose passing game is going to shine now? The Big Breezy or Eli Eli Oh? Michael "Da Gap" Strahan may play as well as being injured for 5 games. As for ole Plexi, I hope they put the notty dred McKenzie on him, too. From the fuzzy math going on, they say even if the G-men won their last two games they might not still make the playoffs.

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