Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Reginald Alfred Bush II finally had the game that we all knew he could have on Sunday. Dude had 4 TOUCHDOWNS. Bush had 19 touches and produced 168 yards. Mike McKenzie finally woke up from his season-long slumber and picked off two of Alex Smith's balls, this after being victimized on a long ball earlier. Saints now find themselves 8-4 in sole first place atop the NFC South.

Well the playoffs are becoming more and more solid, except for the NFC wild cards. Let's see if we can put Humpty back together again:

GIANTS GOT SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO: Two weeks ago the Giants became only the third team in N.F.L. history to blow a 21-point lead or in the last 10 minutes of a game when they lost, 24-21, to the Tennessee Titans. Then they lost on a last-second field goal by Dallas. Now, they must face a schedule tougher than an alley fight with a 19-year-old Mike Tyson. And that's just on the field. Off it, they've got
crazy problems
with ya boi "Plexiglass" Burress and Michael "GAPEY" Strahan. Speaking of the "Baaallinn" defensive end, the New York papers are tearing his butt up as his
divorce has gotten nasty.
Last I hear, dude was "Balliinnn" with a gay doctor . Giants? Can you say "FALLINNNnnn."
Now the wild card races looks like so:
Giants (6-6)
Panthers (6-6)
Falcons (6-6)

Panthers got their tails whipped — again: Carolina, everybody and their mama picked them to represent the NFC. I was one of the few before the season that told you that Jake "The Fake" Delhomme was going to suck at quarterback. Why? Because he's a SuperBowl quarterback 3 seasons ago and unless his last name is Young or Montana or Elway, it's impossible for him to keep his career afloat. I mean, I like old dude, cuz he's a Cajun homeboy and all. The main problem with the Panthers is him; he throws the worst kind of interceptions, END ZONE interceptions. That will kill you everytime, ask Bledsoe.

ATLANTA FALCONS: WE FLY HIGH: The Falcons, who a week ago they were under .500 after a thrashing by the Saints, have caught back up in the pack with a 6-6 record by beating woeful Washington. This despite the fact that Michael Vick and his receivers have started to
blatantly defy the offensive coaches,
making up their own plays and everything else. And you know what? It's working. Hear it hear first: Falcons will make the playoffs, Panthers won't. All Atlanta has to do is beat those pesky Eagles.

THOSE PESKY EAGLES WON'T GO AWAY: Anybody who thought Philadelphia was going to go O-for after the loss of Donovan McNabb doesn't know the Eagles that well. They still got Jeremiah Trotter, still got Buckhalter, still got Dawkins, still got Lito Shepard, and they even got a guy by the name of Donte "Inferno" Stallworth. Don't sleep.

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