Thursday, December 28, 2006

NFC: Who will make it? Who will fail?

Amazingly, if none of the five NFC teams vying for the final wild card spot can pull it off, the N.Y. Giants, at 7-9, would be the first team in NFL history to qualify for the postseason with a losing record.
NEW YORK has the best shot because they own most of the tiebreakers. Tom Coughlin should also be considered coach of the year, too. Think about it. His team is 7-8, but has won the a crucial 7 games that hold all the keys to the final playoff spot ( I mean, if you're just gonna win 7 games and make it, he knew which ones to show up for!).

If the New York Giants lose, then the Green Bay Packers (who have 5 ways to get to the dance) would have the best chance. And just think, Brett Favre never thought he'd get another chance to utter the joyous "P-word".
If the Packers lose, then the Carolina Panthers would be up to bat. Incredibly, the Panthers, who last week didn't even bother having a quarterback on a number of offensive plays, choosing to straddle two running backs, neither of which the Falcons could handle, are still alive despite no quarterback and no defense.
If the Panthers, Giants and Packers lose, then the St. Louis Rams and Atlanta Falcons would get a chance. Oh, and here's why the Falcons are the
worst team in the NFL.
People keep saying, well, it's because of the weak NFC, but let's be honest: Just because Carolina was overhyped, and Seattle, which has always been in a weak division, didn't live up to expectatia, they say the NFC is weak. But New Orleans, the league's top offense, aint weak. Chicago, the league's best defense, aint weak.
In the AFC, the Broncos and New York Jets just need to win ... and they'll clinch the Nos. 5 and 6 playoff seeds.

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