Wednesday, August 29, 2007

USC vs. LSU: Who'd win it?

What if USC and LSU could get it on? Who would win, seriously? USC is the 2007-version-of Linebacker U. and that's a good thing. They have depth unprecedented for a college program, "the best in the history of college football," is what they say.
And it's no wonder the Trojans open their season with

they need to calibrate their great talent for the likes of

They will likely escape the season with a few harrowing close calls, but should prevail against them all, probably with one loss (nobody's perfect). The Fightin' Tigers should actually lose one or two of their games in the SEC, but should be propelled in the polls by strong performances against

and a surprising
South Carolina.
Should the boys from the bayou meet them somewhere we can expect a battle royale.
monster tackle Glenn Dorsey
would probably have only 1.5 sacks but his constant pressure would force John David Booty to "give up the booty" as in the ball at least twice.
SPECIAL TEAMS: LSU looks to have the edge on this one, what with Reggie Bush long gone from the Trojan stable.
OFFENSE: This is a tie, folks. Booty will be every bit as able to pick apart the LSU secondary as Matt Flynn will be able to bomb over the top of the Trojan defenders. LSU's offense will use a lot of sets to keep
USC's pro-style linebackers
in coverage and away from the line of scrimmage. LSU's only chance at rattling Booty is to send blitzers at him from all positions, then of course, hope he's off balance enough to make bad throws.

COACHING: Pete Carroll is Einstein to Les Miles' Dr. Frankenstein. One is pure genius, the other one is a little mad. Look for Carroll to throw the kitchen sink at ole Les and Les to counterpunch by trying to call timeout when he doesn't have any. In the end, only one coach will be holding up his hands. LSU will have had a longer season and taken more bruises in the punishing SEC. A long, drawn-out war doesn't bode well for the Purple-and-Gold. If LSU jumps out on top early, then LSU wins. If it becomes a sloth-fest, the Boyz From Troy.

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