Friday, August 17, 2007

Country singer suits up for Saints

Million-selling country music singer Kenny Chesney is going to be putting on some black-and-gold football gear this morning to work out with the New Orleans Saints in Cincinnati. Is this a gimmick? Is this just another NFL campaign to blend Cincinnati's country twang with the team's preseason game vs. the Bengals on Saturday? Evidently not.
Chesney actually played wide receiver for Gibbs High in Corryton, Tenn., but says he was "probably the slowest receiver" in the history of his high school football team, but said, "I learned how to really work playing high school football, 'cause you can't play it at any level and not be focused. If you do it halfway, you'll get hurt; you gotta go full-speed all the time. That's just the way it is, and it set me up for life."
Kenny says he first met Saints Coach Sean Payton at one of his shows in 2002, when Payton was the assistant coach of the Dallas Cowboys. "Over the years, we'd become really good friends because there's a very mutual respect for what the other ones does," Kenny says. "He's told me he loves how driven and focused I am about what I do; he loves the intensity I have when I'm onstage, and how passionate I am about what he does, too."

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