Saturday, August 18, 2007

As Hurricane Dean heads to Gulf, Bush still on vacation

Let's see now: Louisiana has called a state of emergency. A "monster" storm is heading into the Gulf of Mexico. The leader of the free world is ... on vacation! Wow, whodda thunk? Isn't this now the time to prepare for the worst if New Orleans is hit? What could be so important for Bush that he's not in the Oval Office right now making plans for Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf states in case Dean comes calling. As of this writing, Bush is on vacation, or "working holiday" as they say.
I guess "happily clearing trails, chopping cedar, and riding his mountain bike in the 100-degree heat of his Texas ranch" is not a walk in the park after all, huh? Bush has been on vacation since August 2 (the 65th vacation of his presidency)
, from Texas to Kennebunkport, Maine. Will he act now?

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Anonymous said...

oh shut up. Hurricane Dean was never in the Gulf of Mexico. Stayed in the Caribbean and slammed right into Mexico.

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