Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well, Saban Has Did It: Undefeated Regular Season

I've got to give it up to him. Nick Saban is the evil genius of the SEC.
He is becoming what Steve Spurrier was without the sarcasm and sass.
He's crafted in short order a machine that is threatening to win a national championship in his 2nd season.
As an LSU fan, I can't help but be reminded of how he turned the LSU Tigers into world beaters the same way he has done with the Tide.

And make no mistake, they aren't just beating people; they are shellacking teams.
What they have done is simply put together the best regular season in the SEC since Auburn's unrewarded 2004 campaign. (Tuberville, we'll miss you). But what stands out to me, as the Tide gets ready to take on the once-lost Florida Gators this Saturday in the SEC title game, is how many blowouts Bama put together. Not many teams were even in the game in the 4th quarter.
As much as I don't like what Saban did to LSU, I respect him as a coach and I respect the way he prepares young men to play the game. I especially like how he recently defended Slyvester Croom, Tuberville and Philip Fulmer.
All that said, Tebow is
still Superman.
Florida 35 - Bama 13

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A Free Man said...

I think he's a bit of a weasel, but he's a damn good coach. I have a bad feeling that the damn Gators are going to win this game, but for this week only: Roll Tide!

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