Monday, January 05, 2009

LSU ends frustrating '08' by destroying Ga. Tech

Well, LSU has concluded the 2008 campaign, at 9 - 5, playing their first complete game in the final game of the season. The 38-3 thumping of Georgia Tech in the Chick fil A Bowl brought a tantalizing end to the ups and downs experienced by the true LSU fan. On there third quarterback of the season, LSU finally hit a stride, found a zone. Jordan Jefferson's steady if green hands were more than enough to get the Tigers to play in a relaxed, confident tone as the Tigers rolled to a 28-3 lead midway through the 2nd quarter. If the recruiting season shapes up, the quarterback play may not be an issue for at least another 5 years.
The special teams play proved to be the firestarter: Georgia Tech's Andrew Smith fumbled a punt early in the second quarter with LSU up only 14-3. LSU’s Ron Brooks jumped on it and soon enough thoroughbred running back Charles Scott scored the second of his three first-half touchdowns to make it 21-3.
The LSU defense, a frustrated lot for most of the season, played poise and inspired football, foiling the Tech spread option attack for the most part.
Looking back, the SEC West was never LSU's to grab, not with troubling nemesis Arkansas completing its 2-year deal with the devil, not with Ole Miss resorting to all kinds of trickery. But, hey, it was a good ride.
What can we expect in 2009? From the looks of it, the defense will lose a step, but the offense figures to return to a solid nucleus. In the SEC, that's all you can ask.

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A Free Man said...

Yeah, thanks for that. They needed taking down a notch!

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