Thursday, January 13, 2011

SEA DAT? Saints lose to Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch (video)

The New Orleans Saints got bumped from the playoffs with a 40-34 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday.
Before the game few spectators and commentators gave the Seahawks few chances of staying with the high-powered Saints, but all that is on paper.
In reality, the Saints were beat-up and broken down, shells of their former selves. They suited up without starting running backs Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory, safety Malcolm Jenkins and tight end Jeremy Graham.
By the third quarter of this one, Reggie Bush would be on the sidelines, saying that he had hurt "the same leg" that he broke earlier in the season.
Meanwhile, the Seahawks had nothing to lose, and came in confident and loose. The game came down to a stirring, theatrical 67-yard run by Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch. 
The word, "Beastmode" will forever be associated with this game.
The Saints, meanwhile, will have to regroup and retool and it will probably be without some of the people that got us here.

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