Thursday, January 13, 2011

Les Miles couldn't leave LSU (Have you seen that recruiting class?)

LSU head coach Les Miles reaffirmed his newfound love for all things bayou earlier this week: Saturday nights in Death Valley, SEC football, and yes, crawfish.
Miles' wife said it best: "This is home," meaning Baton Rouge's nice weather and beautiful snowless landscape compared favorably to the frozen tundra known as Ann Arbor in December.
Miles, of course, has his critics. His clock management skills, or lack thereof, are legendary and infamous.
But the man knows how to win, especially if you give him an extra down.
In Michigan, he is not thought of as highly.
Miles said Tuesday he would remain at LSU because of the commitment he's made to the university, the team, the young men he's recruited, and his family.
LSU in 2010 was picked to finish fourth in the SEC West, they very nearly came in No. 2. His recruiting class for 2011 will be in the top 5 in the nation and his squad may make a serious run for an SEC West title.
In other words, staying was the prudent thing to do, as some have noted.

Much maligned offensive coordinator Gary Crowton is bolting to greener pastures in, er, Maryland.
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ReadingByLearning said...

I sure don't blame Crowton for bolting. Some of the criticism directed at him was unjustified.

Kannan said...

Good blog.

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