Tuesday, July 24, 2007

These players poised to take Vick's shine as NFL 'it' boy

With the sun about to set on the NFL's relationship with Michael Vick, a few ballers will benefit from his diminished shine:

Most notably, Reggie Bush who's top highlight thus far was probably this knockout hit in the playoffs last year; that being said, Bush will have to improve on his numbers across the board (Well, he did lead all rookies in receptions last year).

Payton Manning is already a posterchild for the NFL, but look for his likeness to increase dramatically as you hear less and less about Vick and all of the NFL commercials edit his footage out. It didn't hurt that ole "PayPay" won the Super Bowl last year as well. And it's no debate that dude has been the best quarterback in the league for the past 3 seasons now.

Vincent Young will certainly see his star rise as a result of the Vick debacle. The arguments over whether he was a taller, saavier, smarter Vick started even before he left college. The pressure is on this youngen to show the world that last year's inaugural season was not a fluke (even if that phantom sack against the N.Y. Giants that allowed Young to run for a 1st down on 4th down was).

And now for our Karma-loving fans:

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