Sunday, September 22, 2013

5 reasons why LSU beat Auburn, 35-17

OK, there has been much pontification about LSU's shellacking of Auburn Saturday night in Baton Rouge, but here 5 reasons why it went down:

THE RAIN: LSU jumped out to a 21-0 lead. Common sense says you don't need to put the ball in the air on a night where inclement weather is a factor. When you're behind the weather plays a huge role in what you can do, thus Auburn had to abandon much of their gameplan (mind you, they still had a 100-yard back), but the weather helped LSU tremendously because they scored early.

JEREMY HILL: Le'ts get the elepant out of the room and into the end zone. Hill, who finished with 184 yards on 25 carries,single-handedly won the game, actually in the first half. Auburn simply had no answer, until they put 10 in the box. Les Miles very much tried to get him 200 yards, but the ram-him-up-the-middle scheme can only work for so long.

THE CROWD: Again, the bad weather forecast turned many Auburn fans away from the game and made others leave early. LSU had a decided advantage, as it should, playing in Tiger Stadium that night.

AUBURN'S INEPT OFFENSE: Quarterback Nick Marshall went 6 of 16 and had two turnovers in the first half, dooming any fast start the Tigers had -- and they had a good one the very first time they touched the ball, driving into LSU territory before fumbling.

LSU's BIG PLAYS: Auburn made a game of it in the second half, and truth be told, should have been down by one touchdown with 10 minutes in the game -- Tre Mason had come to life by that time, rumbling past LSU defenders for huge chunks of yards on the way to a 132-yard night. But everytime Auburn scored, LSU's receivers made a big play of their own, keeping the Bayou Bengals ahead by more than  a score most of the night.

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