Monday, December 05, 2011

Alabama secures deal with Devil, will play LSU for national title

College football fans not living in Alabama are livid at the BCS for selecting the Crimson Tide to play LSU for the national championship.
The usual catchphrases were at work late Sunday -- "body of work" and, wait for it, "eye ball test" -- in denying the Oklahoma State Cowboys of the Mighty Big 12 a shot at the title game.
For many voters in the Harris poll, it came down to Oklahoma State's double overtime loss to lowly Iowa State.
But check how one Bama fan summed it all up:
"Cry me a river, come play in the SEC week in and week out, tell me that you have a great team after running the gauntlet we play every week. Yes we lost at home in OT, just like OkIe State, but the difference is, LSU and Iowa State. We can’t help that our schedule did not have us playing S Carolina or Georgia, we rotate them every 2-3 years, so yes we do play them.
I am so tired of all the SEC haters, people get over it, play some teams that play defense, that is what wins Championships, not the high scoring offenses, why do you think it was 9-6, the No.’s 1 and 2 defenses provided a stalemate, neither of the remaining one loss teams could hold a candle to LSU or Alabama, they would be run out of the stadium, look over the last six years, only Oregon is the only team I can recall that had a decent game last year against Auburn and Cam.
I do feel bad for Ok. State, they had a great season and game against OK, but OK was playing withour several of their star players, wonder what the outcome would have been had they been healthy? I guess we will never know will we, congrats to Okie State on the Big 12 Championship, hopefully, they will get smart and get in a conference that plays not only offense, but defense and special teams, that is why Bama and LSU will battle it out and give the SEC its 6th straight BCS Title."

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