Sunday, November 06, 2011

4 Reasons why Alabama lost to LSU 2011

First off, let's be honest. If the referees don't call a block in the back, the Tide take over at LSU's 3-yard-line after an intereception return. Also, if the referees don't make the initial call of an interception on the Michael Williams-Eric Reid jump ball, again, it's Tide's ball at the 1. But these were two supremely talented defenses going at it when No. 1 LSU went to Bryant-Denny Stadium to face the No. 2 Alabama Crimson Tide.

Here are the 4 reasons why Alabama lost the game.

1. Bama's confidence @ QB: AJ McCarron refused to look in the middle of the field for his passes. The one interception spooked him something awful. Don't know if he thought he could screenpass all day (which was very successful), but sooner or later you've got to throw the ball vertically to keep the defense honest. Nick Saban refuses to let his players "just play." As someone who likes to be in complete control, iIf he could take over the use of their limbs via puppetry he'd do it.

2. Sometimes you can just get too cute: Trent Richardson was built for a game like this. He got 23 carries, but he should have gotten 33. The trick-play wild cat pass that ended in an interception was unnecessary. Richardson had just churned out a 24-yard run and was feeling it. But Bama's coaches saw fit to switch it up a bit, I guess. Wrong move.

3. Kicking themselves: Alabama missed four field goals, including Cade Foster's 52-yard attempt after the Tide got the ball first in the extra period. It could be argued that the first two shouldn't have been kicked, but Nick Saban could have been setting up a fake field goal attempt for later in the game.

4.Receiver Marquis Maze was hobbled ... and Tide coaches should have saw that. His crucial leg injury wound up at the center of two key miscues in the fourth quarter. Maze, favoring his leg, threw a pass out of the wild cat formation to a wide open tight end. But he threw it on his back foot, the bad one. It was intercepted. Also, in what some are saying was the play of the game, Maze chose not to field a  long line-drive punt. He turned away from it around his own 40 and the ball rolled all the way to the Alabama 19. INstead of the Tide taking over at the LSU 40-yard line he let the ball roll all the way to the 19. The 72-yard punt totally reversed the field position and took the wind out of the Bama coaches.


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